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Tunisia (75)
Jul 24 2023 12:01am
Tunisia: president's two-year-long power grab has 'dramatically undermined' human rights
President Saied has dissolved parliament, given himself new powers to ...
Jul 17 2023 6:01pm
EU/Tunisia: Migration agreement makes EU 'complicit' in abuses against refugees
Tunisian authorities given permission to prevent people reaching Europ...
Mar 10 2023 3:48pm
Tunisia: wave of attacks on Black African migrants has been fuelled by president's racism
President Kais Saied’s racist speech last month has incited a wave of ...
Feb 19 2023 1:47pm
Tunisia: case of two LGBTQ+ people jailed under 'deeply homophobic' law being appealed
Trans woman and gay man convicted under article 230 of country’s penal...
Feb 14 2023 6:10pm
Saudi Arabia: dramatic escalation in jailings for online dissent in past year
At least 67 people prosecuted for their opinions, with one woman jaile...
Sep 3 2021 3:17pm
Tunisia: authorities must come clean over abduction of Algerian activist
Slimane Bouhafs, an Algerian Christian convert and UNHCR-recognised re...
Aug 27 2021 10:54am
Tunisia: unlawful travel plans placed on those critical of presidential power grab
At least 50 people placed under unlawful travel bans - new research ...
Jul 26 2021 6:32pm
Tunisia: fears for human rights after presidential power grab
President Kais Saied’s suspension of parliament and threat to personal...
Oct 21 2019 2:35pm
Urgent Action Outcome: Tunisian activist acquitted of all charges
On 19 September 2019, a court in Tunis acquitted 18-year-old activist ...
Feb 28 2019 4:50pm
Tunisia: attempt to shut down prominent LGBTI organisation condemned
Campaigning gay rights organisation Shams faces hostile court hearing ...