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Thailand (76)
May 16 2024 6:37pm
Thailand: State-backed digital abuse used to silence women and LGBTI activists - new report
Evidence points to Thai government’s involvement in use of highly-inva...
Jan 31 2024 4:56pm
Thailand: authorities must not deport Russian rock band at risk of persecution
Six members of Bi-2 remain in detention in Phuket The band has been...
May 12 2023 2:23pm
Thailand: Future government must protect people’s right to protest
Since 2020 at least 1,902 people faced charges for criticising the Gov...
Mar 30 2023 2:12pm
Thailand: 15-year-old detained for insulting the monarchy
Yok* called for country’s notorious lèse-majesté law to be scrapped du...
Feb 8 2023 9:25am
Thailand: Hundreds of children beaten, intimidated and surveilled by authorities for protesting – new report
Nearly 300 children have faced criminal charges with some at risk of y...
Jul 18 2022 6:35am
Thailand: Pegasus spyware found on phones of dissidents involved in mass protests
Thailand must thoroughly investigate the use of the invasive Pegasus s...
Jul 2 2021 12:01am
Thailand: Rubber bullets and chemicals fired at protesters by police - new report
Thai authorities used reckless and violent tactics to quell the countr...
Jun 4 2021 9:14am
Cambodia: Thai satirist still missing after one year - new investigation needed
Wanchalearm Satsaksit was last seen in Phnom Penh in June 2020 Thai...
Oct 15 2020 11:39am
Thailand: Emergency decree banning gatherings 'yet another attempt to stamp out dissent'
Thai authorities have ordered an indefinite ban on gatherings of five ...
Aug 20 2020 2:34pm
Thailand: Rappers and peaceful activists arrested for pro-democracy protests
Authorities in Thailand must stop their crackdown on peaceful pro-demo...