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Slovak Republic (13)
Nov 11 2021 9:48am
Slovakia: attempt to restrict abortion access must be rejected
Ahead of today’s expected parliamentary vote on a bill that would seve...
Nov 26 2020 11:28am
Urgent Action outcome: Bill restricting safe access to abortion rejected
On 20 October, the Slovak Parliament rejected a bill that would have f...
Sep 16 2020 11:55am
Slovakia: 'harmful' abortion restrictions would endanger the lives of women and girls
Slovakian politicians due to debate new abortion bill Draft legisl...
Jan 7 2020 11:28am
Slovak Parliament rejects restrictive abortion bill
On 5 December the Slovak Parliament (National Council) rejected a bill...
Jan 7 2020 11:10am
Outcome: Bill restricting abortion rights rejected
The Slovak Parliament rejected a bill aimed at obstructing access to s...
Sep 2 2010 12:00am
Slovakia: Roma Children's rights segregated and get substandard education-New report
Amnesty International is urging the Slovak government to immediately e...