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Sierra Leone (21)
Aug 12 2022 3:54pm
Sierra Leone: Authorities must thoroughly investigate deadly protests
Police clash with hundreds of protesters on the streets of Freetown ...
Jul 25 2021 8:20pm
Sierra Leone: Abolition of death penalty a 'major victory'
The West African state has become the 23rd country on the continent to...
May 25 2021 8:30am
Sierra Leone: Government must address mental health crisis following civil war and Ebola epidemic - New Report
War and Ebola survivors struggle with physical disability and lasting ...
Dec 12 2019 12:32pm
Sierra Leone: Ban on pregnant schoolgirls ruled unlawful
Groundbreaking ruling could have significant impact across continent ...
Aug 17 2017 3:30pm
Sierra Leone: shocking scale of mudslide deaths is 'very much man-made'
Housing and environmental failures behind human tragedy in Freetown ...
Nov 8 2016 5:05pm
Sierra Leone: Pregnancy ban in schools threatening teenage girls' futures
‘In school they do not really teach us about family planning. They thi...
Nov 25 2015 2:39pm
Girls in Sierra Leone need us
By Hassatou Sambou, Country Coordinator for Senegal, Sierra Leone and ...
Mar 30 2015 12:21pm
Sierra Leone: Preventing pregnant girls from taking exams is discriminatory warns Amnesty
“This is the latest blow for girls in Sierra Leone who have already...
Nov 6 2014 10:23pm
Living with Ebola in Freetown: 'It feels like the whole country is in quarantine'
Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in March, life in Sierra ...
Nov 7 2013 4:43pm
EU Court ruling a setback for LGBTI refugees
Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists reac...