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Mar 25 2019 5:44PM
From Human Rights Abuses to Refuge: An Insight into North Korea

We welcome North Korean activist Ji-hyun Park and Kenny Latunde-Dada (Amnesty UK Country Coordinator for North Korea) to find out about life in the country and the human rights violations at present.

Urgent Action: TV producer held in North Korea for 50 years

Former TV producer from South Korea not allowed to return to his home country after arriving involuntarily to North Korea

UA 13/19 issued 29/01/2019

North Korea: Release of U.S. prisoners highlights pressing human rights concerns

Responding to the news that three U.S. citizens – Kim Dong-chul, Kim Hak-song, and Kim Sang-duk – have been recently released by North Korea after spending months behind bars without a fair trial, Francisco Bencosme, advocacy manager for Asia Pacific at Amnesty International USA, said: “While we welcome the release of three individuals, we remain concerned over the fate of up to 120,000 North Koreans who remain confined in political prison camps. “No one should languish behind bars without being given a fair trial. President Trump and his administration must urge North Korea to respect freedom

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Apr 27 2018 2:23PM
North Korea: Is change really around the corner?

At a time when the notoriously secretive state may be open to dialogue and senior officials are willing to talk about big issues such as nuclear weapons, could there be a permanent shift for North Korea?

North Korea: 'Rare' release of mother from prison camp welcomed

Koo Jeong-hwa with her husband and son © Amnesty International

Four year-old son suffering frostbite on hands and feet, was originally held with her Koo Jeong-hwa was expected to get life in one of North Korea’s notoriously secretive and brutal prison camps ‘This is a very rare opportunity to enjoy some good news from North Korea’ – Arnold Fang The unexpected release of a North Korean woman widely expected to be sentenced to life in a political prison camp, offers a rare glimpse of hope that the authorities in the repressive state may be loosening their iron grip on the population, Amnesty International said today. Koo Jeong-hwa, who was detained after

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Urgent Action good news: Forcibly returned woman no longer at risk in North Korea

Koo Jeong-hwa’s family reports that she is no longer at risk of being sent to a political prison camp with her son.

3rd update on UA 253/17 issued 21/03/2018

Urgent Action update: Forcibly returned woman faces treason charges in North Korea

Koo Jeong-hwa (previously identified as Lee Su-jung in China) has been detained since 3 December 2017 in North Korea.

2nd update on UA 253/17 issued 12/02/2018

Urgent Action update: Mother and son risk being sent to prison camp in North Korea

A woman who was identified as Lee Su-jung in China and her son were forcibly returned to North Korea.

1st update on UA 253/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action: Mother and child in China at risk of forcible return to North Korea

Lee Su-jung and her son are currently in detention in China and are at risk of forcible return to North Korea.

UA 253/17 issued 15/11/2017

Urgent Action update: No details about detained North Koreans in China

No official information has been made available regarding eight North Koreans that have been detained in China.

1st update on UA 163/17 issued 06/10/2017
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