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Madagascar (10)
Aug 14 2020 12:17pm
Southern Africa: Region's leaders must address human rights violations
COVID-19 still devastating the region, exposing stark inequalities and...
    Oct 23 2018 11:28am
    Madagascar: children amongst thousands held in life-threatening prison conditions - new report
    52 pre-trial detainees died in Madagascar’s prisons in 2017 C...
      Mar 15 2018 2:56pm
      Madagascar: Investigate police behind shocking video of beaten villagers
      Amnesty has verified a video posted to Facebook showing Malagasy polic...
        Apr 21 2014 9:23pm
        1989 Protester's Profile: Yu Zhou(于卓)
        Yu Zhou(于卓), from Department of Mathematics, University of Hubei, set ...
        Nov 21 2012 12:00am
        Madagascar must end mass killings and investigate security forces
        Eleven killed in recent raid, including six-year-old girl 95 homes bu...
          Feb 9 2009 12:59pm
          Madagascar: no escape from turmoil
          Before the hugely popular films featuring Alex the Lion and Gloria the...