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1989 Protester's Profile: Yu Zhou(于卓)

Yu Zhou(于卓), from Department of Mathematics, University of Hubei, set up  an independent Student's Autonomous Federation on 22 April. Yu fled to Nepal after was wanted by the police  in June 1989. A week before Li Peng visited Nepal,  Nepal authority arrested Yu and handed over him to  Chinese authorities. Yu had been held prisoners in Lhasa and in Wuhan for one year. In 1992, he was arrested again and was sentenced to 2 year on charges of "counter-revolutionary propaganda and incitement."  After his release, he  was harassed by Police.

 On 18 December 1997, he disappeared in Shenzheng city, Guangdong province. After their one week search, Yu Zhuos family and friends found his body in a hospital.

The hospital, according to police order, burnt his body the next day. His body was covered with burns from electric baton shocks. Shi Qianying, a public security officer charged with surveillance of Yu Zhuo, was the last person who stayed with Yu Zhuo before Yu Zhuos death. He failed to inform Yu Zhuos family on Yu Zhuo death. By chance, Yu Zhuos family phoned the police. The police official told Yu Zhuos family that he had been in Yu's vehicle during the car accident that resulted in Yu Zhuos death. According to the policeman, he escaped the accident without injuries. Since then, Yu Zhuos family and his friends were unable to contact this policeman. Many citizens and human rights organisations also called on full investigations into the circumstances of Yu Zhuo's death. After they petitioned  a higher authority, his family members were harassed or detained.

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