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Iraq (226)
Feb 8 2022 5:44pm
Syria: fatal shooting of child in al-Hol camp must be fully investigated
It remains unclear why Syrian Kurdish Autonomous Administration police...
Jun 15 2021 1:00pm
Kurdistan Region of Iraq: 'chilling' crackdown on journalists and activists
Arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearance of dozens in the past yea...
Jul 29 2020 11:59pm
Iraq: 2,000 traumatised Yezidi children abandoned after ISIS captivity - new report
Girls systematically raped, while boys tortured and made to fight with...
Jul 17 2020 4:41pm
UN: Angelina Jolie cites forthcoming Amnesty report on Yezidi children
‘Promises must be kept’ to help child survivors of ISIS atrocities, sa...
Jul 17 2020 12:21pm
Urgent Action outcome: Teacher and protest organizer released on bail
On 30 May 2020, teacher and activist Badal Abdulbaqi Aba Bakr Barwari ...
Mar 16 2020 11:59pm
Iraq: new 3D visualisation shows security forces deliberately killed protesters
Innovative joint investigation recreates precise lines of fire, as sec...
Feb 18 2020 8:59am
Middle East in 2019: 'year of defiance' met by shocking state violence - new report
‘Inspiring’ protests in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Egypt met by lethal fo...
Feb 7 2020 4:40pm
Groundbreaking book on open-source investigation to be launched at expert panel event
A groundbreaking new book on open-source investigation will be launche...
Jan 24 2020 1:14pm
Iraq: security forces kill at least 12 protesters in renewed crackdown
Video and eyewitness evidence show live ammunition used against unarme...
Jan 20 2020 3:24pm
Iraq: Human rights lawyer forcibly disappeared
On 8 October 2019, armed men suspected of belonging to the Popular Mob...