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We are politically and financially independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion.
Our governance, programmes and policies are non-partisan. They are independent of specific governments, political parties and the business sector. 

National Conference and AGM 2018

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Our 2018 National Conference and Annual General Meeting took place on 7-8 April at Swansea University's Bay Campus.

Thank you to everyone who came to hear about all the fantastic campaigning going on around the UK as well as debate and vote on important issues

2018 AGM Decisions

Formal business included the reports from the Board and Director, receiving the annual accounts and making decisions on human rights issues and governance matters. The full list of AGM decisions can be downloaded below.

Amnesty International United Kingdom Section Board meeting minutes

The Board of Directors of Amnesty International United Kingdom Section meets at least eight times a year. Shortly after it meets, we make the minutes of what was discussed publicly available.

Here you can download and read the minutes of what was discussed.

Dear colleagues


On behalf of the Board, allow me to wish you a very happy New Year.

Dear Colleagues,

This is my first letter to you since Amnesty’s 2017 International Council Meeting. The ICM is the movement’s highest decision-making body. It’s the pinnacle of Amnesty International’s global governance system and, until now, has taken place every two years. I was pleased to lead a delegation that also included your Treasurer, Meredith Coombs, fellow Board member Tom Sparks, Kate (our Director), Tim Hancock (Director of the Chief Executive’s Office) and Patrick Corrigan (who heads AIUK’s Nations & Regions Team from our Belfast office). 

Formal notice

In addition to elections for Amnesty International United Kingdom (AIUK) Board Roles, four important governance roles were also up for election in 2018. 

The following members have been elected unopposed to the following AGM governance roles: 

• Chis Moss is elected unopposed to the role of AGM Chairperson for one year from 2019.

• Alexander Rhys is elected unopposed to the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for three years from 2019 -2021 

Chair's letter - January 2017

January 2017

Dear Colleagues

As I’m writing this, people are being taken off planes to the USA to be detained and questioned. Muslims who hold green cards are stranded abroad and divided from their families. People who had asylum applications accepted are being turned away because of their country of origin. On Holocaust Memorial Day, the new American administration banned immigration (or even transit) of people largely because of their religion.

Dear colleagues

I’m sorry for the long gap since my last email in March. It’s been a busy few months, with the AGM and National Conference, two Board meetings and, as I write, we’re less than a month away from the International Council Meeting, the highest decision-making meeting of the global movement. 

Dear colleagues,

The Annual General Meeting is nearly upon us and I look forward to seeing lots of you at this year’s event. It’s taking place in Nottingham over the weekend of 8-9 April. If you want to find out more, or if you can’t attend and want to vote by proxy then please click on the links in our web page.

I’m writing to let you know about two new things that we’re trying this year. 

Elections for the 2017 to 2020 Amnesty UK Section Board

Formal notice


"This is formal notice that Thomas Chigbo, James Lovatt, Sharon Lovell, Tom Sparks, Abigail Tuxworth-Grant and Rebecca Warren have been elected to serve as Board members for the next three years. James Lovatt is elected to the reserved seat for a Country Co-ordinator while the other five candidates are elected to unreserved seats.

There were no nominations for the Network Reserved Seat which will remain vacant and be included in the 2018-21 elections."


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