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Chile (44)
Apr 26 2024 9:27am
Urgent Action Action: Landmark Indictment Of Police Commanders
On 3 January 2024, a regional prosecutor in Santiago, Chile, filed an ...
Mar 1 2023 11:37am
Urgent Action Outcome: Investigations Into Claims Of Torture Continue
During a court hearing on 24 February 2023, the court ordered the reop...
Jul 18 2022 8:40pm
Protect the Protest: Amnesty warns against allowing those in power to make protest a crime
Black Lives Matter, MeToo and climate change have inspired millions to...
Jan 21 2022 2:23pm
UK: Government and Britishvolt must be 'transparent and honest' about environmental and human rights risks of sourcing metals
Responding to news that the UK government will be investing £100m in B...
Aug 21 2020 3:31pm
Urgent Action outcome: Mapuche spiritual leader ends hunger strike
On 18 August 2020, the spiritual leader of the Mapuche people in Chile...
Nov 25 2019 12:28pm
Referendum called and state of emergency ended
On 15 November President Sebastián Piñera announced an agreement to ho...
Nov 22 2019 1:26pm
Chile: Security forces using excessive force to discourage protests, injuring thousands
Police and army forces torturing and using live ammunition against pro...
Oct 16 2018 4:03pm
Urgent Action update: Lawyer at risk granted protection measures in Chile
Chilean human rights defender and lawyer Karina Riquelme is no longer ...
Oct 16 2018 2:53pm
Urgent Action update: Lawyer at risk for defending indigenous people in Chile
Lawyer Karina Riquelme was again intimidated by Chilean police intelli...