Censorship (50)
Nov 21 2018 4:32pm
Singapore: Government harassment of news editor for critical article must end
A news editor facing a criminal investigation over an article that cri...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Google: Drop Project Dragonfly
Jun 21 2018 6:31pm
Thierry Noir on art, fashion and human rights
As part of our collaboration with Everpress to launch a range of 50 li...
May 30 2018 5:33pm
50/50: Celebrating the power of the protest T-shirt
50 artists, 50 t-shirt designs, 50% profit to artists, 50% profit to c...
May 2 2018 1:17pm
China: Banning of Peppa Pig a 'ridiculous new example of state crackdown'
Responding to news that the Chinese government has removed an estimate...
Mar 31 2017 8:00am
Podcast: Khadija Ismayilova, blackmailed and imprisoned for investigating corruption
A journalist suspected she was being watched, but she didn't expect to...
Sep 24 2013 2:53pm
The clock strikes thirteen – it’s Banned Books week!
It’s Banned Books Week and I am reminded of events in Turkey earlier t...
Sep 8 2013 3:38pm
Chinese journalist released
A Chinese journalist, Shi Tao, who was imprisoned for 10 years includi...