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Mar 5 2021 12:57 pm
UK: Amnesty launches bitesize lessons to teach a new generation of human rights defenders

Amnesty UK has created series of lessons to help parents and teachers educate children aged 5-19 years old about equality, fairness and justice in the world ‘During these challenging times, it’s...

Mar 5 2021 12:01 am
COVID-19: Health worker death toll rises to at least 17,000 - rapid vaccine rollout needed

More than half the world’s doses have so far been administered in just 10 rich countries Over 100 countries are yet to vaccinate a single person In the UK, 494 social care workers died last year ‘For...

Mar 4 2021 6:13 pm
Myanmar: military's shoot-to-kill tactics condemned

Evidence points to military becoming more brazen in its use of force ‘There is a growing consensus that this has been authorised by the government’ - Emerlynne Gil Responding to reports of numerous...

Mar 4 2021 3:32 pm
Hong Kong: bail denied to pro-democracy activists in 'unprecedented' mass trial

Nearly 50 democracy activists charged under city’s draconian national security law Gruelling four-day hearing lasting into early hours, with one defendant fainting ‘Hong Kong civil society will not be...

Mar 4 2021 1:06 pm
Egypt: mother and baby were forcibly disappeared for two years

University lecturer snatched from her home in Alexandria in 2019, recently reappeared in court Her traumatised two-year-old is ‘only used to seeing people in uniform’ Case shows ‘new level of...

Mar 4 2021 12:52 pm
Switzerland: Face veil ban is a violation of women's rights

Ban will undermine the freedoms Switzerland purports to uphold ‘If we really want to respect women’s rights, we should let women decide what they want to wear’ - Cyrielle Huguenot This Sunday (7 March...

Mar 4 2021 8:28 am
Northern Ireland: Chief Constable criticised for spit hoods roll-out in defiance of policing board

In 81% of cases, PSNI used spit hoods on people with disabilities Spit hoods used by PSNI 8 times on children, aged 10-17 Spit hoods given to 4,000 more PSNI officers despite opposition from Policing...

Mar 3 2021 5:00 pm
Mexico: Women subjected to sexual violence at gender rights protest - new report

Amnesty investigation reveals the extreme force used by law enforcement on women protesters Sexual violence and femicide has been largely ignored or downplayed by the Mexican government ‘Make no...

Mar 3 2021 4:52 pm
Israel / OPT: International Criminal Court will investigate 'war crimes' in Palestinian territories

Historic breakthrough as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court confirms investigation in Occupied Palestinian Territories ‘A clear message to all perpetrators of crimes under international...

Mar 3 2021 4:41 pm
Ghana: Authorities must end discrimination against LGBTI people and activists

Consensual sexual relations between men are still criminalised in Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo has stated that legalising same-sex marriage will never happen under his presidency Authorities in...