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UK: Supreme Court to hear challenge to Northern Ireland abortion law

Amnesty International will be an intervenor in a significant Supreme Court case next week challenging Northern Ireland’s abortion law.

Sarah Ewart, whose first pregnancy was given a fatal foetal diagnosis and had to travel to England to terminate her pregnancy as Northern Ireland's laws did not permit her to receive this healthcare within the region, is also an intervenor alongside Amnesty.

The case will consider whether Northern Ireland law breaches women’s rights by not allowing abortions in cases of sexual crime and fatal foetal abnormalities. Following the Lord Chief Justice ruling in June 2017, the Supreme Court will also have to consider whether it is legal to access abortions in those circumstances.

In 2015, the Belfast High Court ruled that Northern Ireland abortion law breached women’s rights, but that ruling was then overturned in June 2017.

The hearing is listed at London’s Supreme Court for three days, starting on Tuesday 24 October. Grainne Teggart, Amnesty’s Northern Ireland campaigns manager, and Sarah Ewartwill read a statement outside the Supreme Court at 10am.

What: In the Matter Of The Law On Termination Of Pregnancy In Northern Ireland.

Where: The Supreme Court, Parliament Square, Little George St, Westminster, London, SW1P 3BD.

Who: Grainne Teggart, Amnesty Northern Ireland campaigns manager, and Sarah Ewart will be available for interview during the three days.

When: Tuesday 24 October, 10am onwards.

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