UK Government's Muslim Brotherhood review must not ignore crackdown in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood members on trial in Alexandria last November © AFP/Getty Images
Responding to an announcement today that the Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered a review into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, Amnesty International UK's head of policy and government affairs Allan Hogarth said:
“It is of course perfectly legitimate for the UK to review security arrangements over the Muslim Brotherhood, but the UK must not let this distract from the fact that human rights abuses are being inflicted on large swathes of Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt by the country’s increasingly repressive security services.
“Since the ousting of Mohamed Morsi last year, there’s been a huge crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.
“Thousands of the movement’s supporters have been arrested, there are numerous reports of Muslim Brotherhood supporters being tortured in detention, and - shockingly - 528 people were sentenced to death in one fell swoop last week after a grossly unfair trial.
“The Foreign Secretary William Hague has already talked of the government’s ‘deep concern’ over Egypt’s mass death sentences, and it will make a nonsense of No10’s review if it doesn’t actually reflect human rights concerns like these.”

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