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Israel/OPT: David Cameron's 'peaceful future' quest will fail without support for justice mechanisms

Foreign Secretary is calling for increase in Gaza aid deliveries rather than an end to Israel’s illegal blockade which will only perpetuate ‘demeaning’ aid reliance 

‘Lord Cameron’s words will have little impact if the UK doesn’t support justice initiatives’ - Karla McLaren

Responding to David Cameron’s comments ahead of his visit to Israel, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Qatar and Turkey, Karla McLaren, Amnesty International UK’s Head of Government Affairs, said:

“David Cameron says he wants a ‘peaceful future’ for Israelis and Palestinians but he’s doing almost nothing to support the processes that might deliver some semblance of justice and accountability, not least in relation to Israel’s numerous war crimes in Gaza.


“There can be no lasting peace without justice in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Lord Cameron’s words will have little impact if the UK doesn’t support justice initiatives such as South Africa’s genocide case and dedicate meaningful resources to the International Criminal Court’s investigation.


“Rather than pushing for incremental increases in aid deliveries and further demeaning aid reliance for Gazans, David Cameron should be demanding that Israel lifts its inhumane blockade of Gaza, a 17-year-long illegal act of collective punishment which is a key component in Israel’s crime of apartheid against the Palestinians.


“The UK must call for an immediate ceasefire, the release of all civilian hostages and the urgent lifting of the Gaza blockade, while suspending arms transfers to Israel and proactively supporting the International Criminal Court’s investigations, including into serious human rights violations in Israel and Palestine.”


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