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Israel (475)
Apr 3 2024 8:13pm
Life in Gaza - Horror Everywhere
By Aya Al-Ghazzawi   I believe that notorious colonialist Winsto...
Mar 26 2024 5:08pm
Israel/OPT: UN expert's report on genocide in Gaza must lead to international action
Francesca Albanese tells UN Human Rights Council there are ‘reasonable...
Mar 26 2024 1:04pm
UK: campaigners rename road outside Israeli Embassy 'Genocide Avenue'
Activist in Benjamin Netanyahu face mask attached authentic-looking Lo...
Mar 25 2024 5:32pm
Israel/OPT: UN Gaza resolution 'long overdue' but must now pave way to enduring ceasefire
‘This resolution must be accompanied by a shift in political pressure,...
Mar 22 2024 3:36pm
EU: Call for a sustainable ceasefire in Gaza ‘insufficient’ to end civilian suffering
First time since the conflict began that the EU has made a call for a ...
Mar 22 2024 6:56am
Israel/OPT: David Cameron right to criticise Israel over delays to UK aid for Gaza
Responding to David Cameron saying that the delivery of UK aid into Ga...
Mar 12 2024 1:53pm
Denmark: NGOs sue authorities over arms exports to Israel
Amnesty Denmark, Oxfam Denmark, Action Aid Denmark and Al-Haq bring ca...
Mar 8 2024 2:30pm
Israel-OPT: maritime aid corridor and seaport scheme is 'woefully slow' response to Gaza aid crisis
Responding to David Cameron saying the UK will participate alongside t...
Mar 8 2024 10:59am
Open Letter: UK Government must stop crackdown on freedom of expression
8 March 2024  To the Prime Minister,  RE: Government proposa...
Mar 1 2024 5:25pm
UK: British-Palestinian surgeon Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah in conversation - London event
The prominent British-Palestinian plastic and reconstructive surgeon D...