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Israel (384)
Jul 21 2021 6:38pm
Pegasus Project: UAE's Princess Latifa and Princess Haya were potential targets
Abducted Emirati princess and wife of authoritarian Emir of Dubai were...
Jul 20 2021 8:13pm
Pegasus Project: Macron among world leaders selected as potential targets of NSO spyware
South African’s Cryil Ramaphosa and Pakistan’s Imran Khan also among 1...
Jul 19 2021 2:46pm
Pegasus Project: thousands of iPhones potentially compromised by NSO spyware
‘Zero-click’ attacks have been used to install the almost-invisible sp...
Jun 24 2021 1:00am
Israeli police used 'ruthless excessive force' against Palestinian protesters - new research
‘Discriminatory crackdown’ allowed Jewish supremacists to freely organ...
Jun 4 2021 5:24pm
The Gaza Deja vu
By Ahmed Masoud - @masoud_ahmed 20 May 2021 Rolling news humming...
May 25 2021 5:23pm
Occupied East Jerusalem: Israel should scrap Silwan forced evictions plans
Seven Palestinian families face eviction orders in district targeted b...
May 24 2021 12:18pm
Northern Ireland: PSNI must end work with Israeli police and security services
‘Northern Ireland, and particularly our police service, must ensure it...
May 18 2021 12:45pm
USA: Biden's approval of weapons sale to Israel puts civilians at greater risk
$735m arms sale announced despite rapidly rising civilian death toll i...
May 17 2021 8:28pm
Israeli attacks on homes in Gaza must be investigated as war crimes
Bombardments following ‘horrific’ pattern of 2014, when Israeli milita...
May 13 2021 10:59am
Israel/Gaza: likely war crimes by Israeli military and Palestinian armed groups
Israeli attacks on residential towers in Gaza are collective punishmen...