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Occupied Palestinian Territories (283)
May 29 2024 8:45pm
Israel-Occupied Palestinian Territories: UK accused of ‘aiding and abetting’ suspected war crimes in Gaza
Belfast vigil hears call for UK to stop arming Israel following deadly...
May 28 2024 1:03pm
UK/Israel-OPT: David Cameron's remarks on Rafah refugee camp attack are 'disingenuous at best'
Responding to the Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s remarks on X today...
May 27 2024 8:03am
Israel/OPT: three Israeli airstrikes killed 44 civilians in Gaza - new investigation
Children playing table football were among 32 children killed in the a...
May 24 2024 5:51pm
Israel/OPT: today's ICJ ruling is a warning that all states must act to prevent genocide
All third countries have a duty to press Israel to comply with Interna...
May 15 2024 9:25am
Israel/OPT: current scenes of forced displacement in Gaza reminiscent of Nakba
Today Palestinians mark 76 years since trauma of mass expulsion follow...
May 14 2024 11:04am
UK: British Palestinians to stage Gaza protest outside Downing Street ahead of Nakba Day
Protest will also see a fresh call for the UK to halt arms transfers t...
May 9 2024 3:24pm
Israel/OPT: Forced evictions of over 300 Palestinians in the Naqab is 'clear illustration of apartheid'
Israeli authorities pushing for displacement and segregation of the Be...
May 7 2024 3:48pm
Gaza: Rafah evacuation order must be rescinded
‘Palestinian civilians in Gaza are human beings, not pawns to be moved...
May 3 2024 5:54pm
USA: university administrations condemned over heavy-handed Gaza protests response
‘As could easily be foreseen, the decisions at some universities to ca...
May 2 2024 4:25pm
UK: peaceful student protests on Gaza must be respected
Commenting on the emergence of growing numbers of pro-Palestine solida...