National Conference and AGM 2020

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The 2020 Amnesty International UK AGM will be held on 10 October. Sadly, members will not be able to attend in person this year because of Covid-19, government guidance on social distancing and gatherings, and our concern to protect staff and members. But members can still have their say by voting by proxy. They can also submit written questions to the Board and discuss resolutions by video conference ahead of the AGM. The AGM will be attended by the AGM Chair, a representative from the Board, a representative from the Standing Orders Committee, the Returning Officer and the Company Secretary. The results of the proxy vote on the resolutions will be read out and minuted and these will be published on this webpage the same day.

Video conference to discuss resolutions

The video conference can be accessed through this link.

Please note key documents including the 2020 Resolutions, proxy voting forms, SOC reports etc. can be located in the 'Downloads' section at the bottom of this page. Financial Statements will be included shortly.

'Ask the Board' Q&A

Although Covid-19 restrictions are in place, membership engagement is as important as ever. Members can submit questions to the Board ahead of the AGM. To do this, please use your website login details to access the 'Ask the Board' Q&A page. The Board will respond to as many questions as possible and these will be published on the website.

Click here to access the Q&A Page

The Board Q&A will open on 14 September and close on 27 September 2020. Members will require their email address and password to access the Q&A. Please contact if you don’t have these details.  

Resolutions video conference 

As members are unable to attend the 2020 AGM, the Board resolutions that were not legally required have been withdrawn. The Board recommended resolution proposers also withdraw and carry over their resolutions to the 2021 AGM. Six proposers chose not to withdraw their resolutions, so we have set up a video conference on 19 September (9am to 6pm) where members can discuss the resolutions.

The video conference will run from 9am to 6pm with each resolution being discussed in turn. 60 minutes will be allowed for each resolution.

Video debate times

• 9-10am Resolution S1: To create two reserved seats for youth members on the Board

• 10.30-11.30 Resolution O1: Discrimination against minority groups in the UK

• 12-1pm Resolution O2: The humanitarian crisis in the Syrian city of Afrin and surrounding refugee camps

• 2-3pm Resolution O3: Human Rights and dignity of lives in Kashmir

• 3.30-4.30pm Resolution O4: Campaign to end excessive, cruel and inhuman cellular confinement in UK prisons

• 5-6pm Resolution O5: European Court of Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act

See the above schedule on the time each resolution will be discussed can be found on our website  with a link to the video conference. To enter the conference, members will need the meeting ID number and their voter reference number and pin (these are shown in the letter or email sent to members by the Chair). We recommend using the Google Chrome browser to access the conference.

Click here to access the conference

(please use google Chrome to access the website)

Troubleshooting guide (powerpoint doc)

Members unable to join the video conference are welcome to submit short written comments to be read out during the meeting. Please email these to

Board Election Results

Four unreserved seats were available for election this year on the Board. Three current Board members were formally nominated for these seats for 2020-2023:
• Sharon Lovell
• Thomas Chigbo
• Abby Grant

As the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies on the Board, all candidates were elected unopposed. There remains one unreserved seat on the Board, which was not filled on this occasion.

This year, Tom Sparks stood down after completing 6 consecutive years on the Board. 

2020 resolutions

There is a special resolution calling for the creation of two reserved seats for youth members on the Board. Five ordinary resolutions cover the following issues: discrimination against Ahmadi Muslims and other religious minority groups in the UK; the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Afrin region of Syria; a campaign for a fact- finding mission to Kashmir; a campaign to end excessive, cruel and inhuman confinement in UK prisons; and support for the European Court of Human Rights and UK Human Rights Act. All the resolutions can be viewed in full in the documents at the bottom of this page.

How to vote

You can vote online or by post before the AGM.

• Vote online: To vote online go to and enter your Voter Reference Number and PIN (see the letter or email sent to members from the Chair). If your session times out or if prompted, enter the Control Number 916131.

• To vote by post: All members will have received a proxy form by post (for those that receive a magazine
it will have been sent with the magazine). Fill it in, detach and return in the pre-paid envelope supplied.

Key AGM dates

• 14 September to 27 September: ‘Ask the Board’ Q&A

• 19 September, 9am-6pm:
Video conference on this year’s resolutions

• 21 August-8 October: Proxy voting
(closes 9am, 8 October)

• 10 October, 10-11am: AGM


If you have any questions concerning your elected role at this year’s AGM, please email your questions to

AGM Decisions

NSC Report 2020 - V3.docx
JNL 206 Governance pp34-35 draft 2.pdf
SOC Report 2020.docx
AGM 2020 proxy form & notes A4.pdf
AGM 2020 Resolutions.pdf
Report on the Implementation of AGM Decisions - Final.docx