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José Adrián

Arrested, beaten and strung up by the police

In February 2016, 14-year-old José Adrián was walking home from school when he stumbled into the aftermath of a fight between a group of youths in which a police car was damaged. Police officers grabbed him and threw him against the car, and one officer stomped on his neck. José Adrián, who has a hearing disability, was the only one to be arrested. The officers did not provide an explanation or contact his parents.

At the police station, José Adrián was handcuffed, hung from a wall and left for what felt like hours. To get him released, his family, who are Indigenous Maya and live in a disadvantaged community, were forced to pay a fine and the costs of repairing the police car – money they could ill afford. José Adrián dropped out of school because of the ordeal.

Today, he is back in high school, and he and his family want to move on with their lives. But the authorities have still not provided reparations or brought the officers responsible to justice.

‘What I want is that they make [the] police better. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to other kids.’
José Adrián

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José Adrián
c/o Amnistía Internacional México
Dr José María Vertiz 1196
Letran Valle
03650 Ciudad de México



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José Adrián, the bravery you have shown in your fight for justice is inspirational. We stand with you and support you in your struggle.

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Send an appeal letter

Urge the Governor of Yucatán State to provide José Adrián with reparations and bring those responsible for the abuse to justice.

Write to:

Governor of Yucatán State Lic Mauricio
Vila Dosal
Palacio de Gobierno Calle 61 x 60 y 62
Col Centro, CP 97000

Salutation: Dear Governor


  • To ensure José Adrián and his family receive full reparations for the abuses he suffered.
  • To bring those responsible for José Adrián’s ordeal to justice.
  • To stop the police in Yucatán from using torture and ill-treatment.
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