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Ireland's abortion laws: two-thirds want to see a change in the law

Ireland has one of the world's most discriminatory and punitive abortion laws - but the majority of people living in Ireland don't realise it.

Any woman who has an abortion in Ireland faces up to 14 years in prison, and women are only allowed to legally terminate a pregnancy when their life is deemed to be in immediate danger of death.

Get the full facts about abortion in Ireland

The majority of people in Ireland disagree with their abortion laws

We commissioned independent polling to ask people in Ireland what they thought about their country's abortion laws. An overwhelming majority, 81%, were in favour of widening the grounds for legal abortion. 

Ireland's abortion laws are failing women, and our polling shows that they're also out of step with public opinion. It's time for a change. See our headline findings below, and then sign our petition for Ireland to decriminalise abortion