Nov 18 2019 3:05PM
Mid Warwickshire group meeting Thu 3rd October 2019 at 730pm
Join the Mid Warwickshire Amnesty international group for their monthly meeting.
Nov 18 2019 3:04PM
Mid Warwickshire group meeting Thu 7th November 2019 at 730pm
Existing and new members joined us on Thursday 7th November 2019 at 730pm. In our discussion this month John Payton gave a short talk on "Some experiences during Amnesty presentations to students". (see document) If you would like to k...
Nov 18 2019 3:00PM
UPCOMING EVENT: Mid Warwickshire group meeting Thu 5th December 2019 at 730pm
Existing and new members are all welcome to join us on Thursday 5th December 2019 at 730pm. On the agenda this month, we will get updates from our campaign for Leila de Lima in the Philippines, and we will continue to plan our future e...
Nov 18 2019 12:52PM
UPCOMING EVENT: Letter writing evening on Thursday 21st November at 730pm
Sending a card with a simple solidarity message or writing a letter to a government are powerful ways to defend those suffering human rights abuses. For a prisoner on death row, for family members waiting for news of a relative who has...
Nov 14 2019 3:00PM
UPCOMING EVENT: WRITE FOR RIGHTS STALL in Kenilworth on 7th December 2019
Join us at the WRITE FOR RIGHTS Stall in Kenilworth Talisman Square on 7th December 2019 from 0930-1400
Nov 14 2019 2:50PM
UPCOMING EVENT: WRITE FOR RIGHTS Stall Leamington Spa on 30th Nov 2019
Write for Rights event near the Pump Rooms in Leamington Spa on the 30th November 2019 from 0930 to 1400.
Oct 10 2019 7:04AM
Events, actions and activities all around the West Midlands in October, November, December 2019 and January 2020
Oct 3 2019 9:37PM
Please take a look at tge events happening in Warwickshire and beyond this month.
Sep 26 2019 11:55AM
Letter Writing Evening on Tue 24th September 2019 at 730pm
33 letters written by 6 Amnesty members out on a wet and windy evening, all convinced letter writing changes lives. The addresses seem exotic – Bogotá, Geneva (for Iran), Lomé, El Paso, Moscow – but all with a less than exotic human ri...