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About this group

The Mid-Warwickshire Amnesty Group cover the 3 major towns of Kenilworth, Leamington Spa and Warwick, plus all the surrounding villages.  The group is comprised of all sorts of individuals; we have active members from their teens to their eighties, cover the whole religious & political spectrum and all contribute variously according to both skill and time available.

We work to make a difference for people suffering human rights’ abuse by working to bring an end to the use of torture, to extra-judicial executions, and to ‘disappearances’. Our campaigning seeks not only the release of prisoners of conscience, but also tries to ensure that those accused of human rights violations are brought to trial. We try to encourage people to take action and support the wonderful work that Amnesty is doing in the UK and throughout the world.

As a group we have three general aims:

- Educating ourselves, school and college students and the local community in Mid-Warwickshire about Amnesty International and about Human Rights issues.

- Organising specific campaigns on Human Rights abuses.

- Fundraising on behalf of Amnesty UK

Our Group meets on the first Thursday of every month and everyone is more then welcome. If you have a interest in human rights and helping protect people who suffer from human rights abuses we would love to see you.

The meeting format is that we have 90 minutes of discussion, debate and guest speakers, followed by group business.  The business consists of committee member reports, monthly actions, campaign updates and planning discussions for forthcoming events.

Schools - A couple of our members are part of Amnesty's speaker network. We work closely with student groups and would like to work with all the schools in the Mid-Warwickshire area. Either working to set up a school student group, support active student groups or just talk about the work of Amnesty and the importance of Human Rights.

The Mid Warwickshire area also has an inter school network where student groups at different schools work together to support, promote and campaign for human rights. 

If you're interested in a speaker coming to talk at your school please email Jane