Fair Visitors Support Human Rights Message

The group received a positive response when it took its human rights message to the vegetarian and Green communityon Saturday 22 February.

Visitors to a special event gave their backing to our struggle for justice for persecuted African lawyer Ponciano Mbomio Nvo.

They also sent cards to the wife of Darius Evangelista – a young Filipino father-of-three, missing for four years, and suspected tortured and killed.

The Blackpool Vegan, Green, Fairtrade and Human Rights Fair drew a surprisingly large crowd to the back-street Talbot Club in the resort.

Many signed a petition to the Equatorial Guinea minister of justice, calling for the re-instatement of Ponciano, who has been harassed, threatened and suspended from the Bar Association following his stance during a corruption case.

Others put their names to a letter to the police in the Philippines, seeking an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Darius. Following his arrest on a minor matter, a video appeared on worldwide TV showing a naked man on the floor being beaten and abused by police. His wife, Margie, recognised him by his tattoos and is now seeking justice.

Fair visitors also took away information about the group’s fight for the rights of women in Afghanistan.

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