Apr 11 2019 3:45PM
Annual Death Penalty Report
We have had a busy year with many cases and individuals on whose behalf we have written.
Apr 11 2019 11:52AM
For the period Jan to June 2019
Jul 26 2017 2:06PM
Meetings are held in Newport on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 Phone 523294 for details.
Sep 5 2015 3:09PM
Ali Aarrass - (Morocco) POC 2011
Ali Aarrass – Morocco (POC 2011) Male Age 53 years Status Married with a 20 year old daughter
Feb 23 2015 2:51PM
Dr Tun Aung – Prisoner of Conscience (June 2012 - January 2015) – Myanmar/Burma
In June 2012 Dr Tun Aung was falsely accused of aiding rioters and sentenced to 17 years imprisonment.
Feb 9 2014 10:50AM
(See also RELATED link below right) Campaigning for Individuals at Risk . Currently we are working on behalf of Dr Tun Aung, a Burmese community leader, who has been sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment after an unfair trial. He was arr...