May 18 2020 5:09PM
Summary Report of Activities 2011

Download our report of activities for 2011 here.

Oct 6 2018 3:18PM
"RISE UP, WOMEN: The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes"

Celebrate a hundred years on from the granting of the vote to some women in 1918.

Jun 9 2018 2:26PM
The Human Rights Crisis in Egypt

Crackdown on civil society means arrests, detention, torture and unfair trials for government critics: peaceful protesters, journalists and human rights defenders Presented by Hugh Sandeman AI Country Coordinator for Egypt Monday 11...

Mar 10 2018 10:36AM
Kate Allen visit

Dear Friends, The Guildford Amnesty Group are pleased to invite you to join us at our March meeting, when we will be welcoming Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK: Monday, 12th March: St. Nicolas's Church Community Centre...

Jan 27 2018 3:40PM
"Syria's Disappeared"

Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad Film by former BBC producer Sara Afshar about the thousands of people “disappeared” in Syria, with three powerful personal stories. Followed by discussion with Ellis Broooks, Amnesty...

Dec 3 2017 4:49PM
Write for Rights

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL UK Guildford Group Annual Greetings Card Event and Social Evening Please come and join us for a glass of festive cheer and to send messages of hope and solidarity to Prisoners of Conscience around the world, to...

Oct 31 2017 10:27AM
A I Refugee Campaign “I Welcome”

"Refugee Rights to Family Reunion" Speaker: Sam Nadal, AI Advocacy Campaigner Monday 13 November 7.30 welcome - 7.45 start St Nicolas Community Centre Bury Street, Guildford Entrance Free - All Welcome

Sep 21 2017 5:21PM
Guildford Book Festival event 1

Amnesty Event at Guildford Book Festival “The Optician of Lampedusa” The true story of an ordinary man who saved the lives of drowning migrants, and of the courage and tragedy resulting from this terrible event. Emma Jane Kirby, a...

Sep 21 2017 5:18PM
Guildford Book Festival event 2

David Cronin, “Balfour’s Shadow – A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel”, Pluto Press 2017 Guilford Amnesty International group Britain’s foreign secretary penned the Balfour Declaration in 1917, laying the foundations...

Jun 14 2017 11:59AM
The Great Get Together

Let’s get together for a picnic When: Sunday 18 June 3 pm – 5 pm Where: Guildford Millbrook Meadows How to find us: From car park in Millbrook enter the Meadows beside Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Follow river path from Millbrook Lock to...