2014 (15)
Dec 14 2014 3:26PM
Write For Rights 2014 - Part One
Woking Amnesty Group send cards each December to people who are suffering human rights abuses all over the world. The cards take a minute to write, but bring comfort, solidarity & support to their recipients.
Oct 12 2014 3:39PM
October Update
Oct 7 2014 8:59PM
Group Meeting - October 6th 2014
Mama Rhobi Samwelly works to save children from female genital mutilation in her home in Tanzania.
Sep 29 2014 5:11PM
Group Meeting - September 1st 2014
On Monday 1st September we had a talk on the use of torture in The Philippines by Amnesty's country coordinator. Our next meetings/events:
Sep 14 2014 6:50AM
Meetings in 2014
Here are the remaining Monday evening dates for 2014, plus all of the extra events we are organising.
Sep 14 2014 6:48AM
Group Meeting - July 7th 2014
The Woking Group's meeting in July welcomed Gillaine Holland, who is the chaplain at St. Columba's House in Woking. She has also been Prison Chaplain at HMP Send.
Jul 2 2014 5:11AM
Group Meeting - May 12th 2014
At our May meeting, we had a breath-taking talk on the situation in Syria from Amnesty's coordinator @Planet_Slater .
Jul 2 2014 5:09AM
Group Meeting - June 2nd 2014
At our meeting on Monday 2nd June, we began work on the new Stop Torture Campaign.