2013 (9)
Jan 26 2014 7:31PM
Current campaign: San José Peace Community
A report from Keith about one of Woking Amnesty's current campaigns:
Dec 7 2013 11:03PM
December "Write For Rights" Campaign
The Amnesty "Write for Rights" campaign has begun. It's that time of year when we send messages to people who are having a truly dreadful time. We have direct evidence that the cards we send boost morale and even sometimes stops the pe...
Dec 4 2013 3:25PM
Actions December 2012 to February 2013
3 December : our next meeting - greetings card campaign with refreshments 8 December : greetings card stall in Woking town centre
Dec 4 2013 3:22PM
Quiz Night - 20 April 2013
The Woking Amnesty group are holding their first Quiz Night on Saturday 20 April in the Maybury Centre.
Dec 4 2013 3:21PM
Meeting - 8 April 2013
Colombia is mired in horrific armed conflict between paramilitary groups, drug barons and government forces (who behave just as badly). The San Jose Peace Community was set up by people who w
Dec 4 2013 3:14PM
What We're Doing Next
Here are our plans for the next few months... Monday 13 May meeting: feedback from AGM and action for individuals at risk
Dec 4 2013 3:13PM
Our Campaigns for 2013
Individuals at risk, Peace Community of San Jose, Women’s rights in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe elections Individuals at risk
Dec 3 2013 6:48PM
Write for Rights Evening
On Monday 2nd December 2013, we were joined by Anne Roberts, the Mayor of Woking, to take part in our annual Write for Rights event.