January 2013 (5)
Mar 7 2013 5:21PM
January 2013 meeting - focus on Equatorial Guinea
At our group meeting on Tuesday 22 January 2013, we were pleased to welcome Walther Scwarzacher, the AIUK voluntary country coordinator for Equatorial Guinea (EG) and other Spanish
Jan 25 2013 4:44PM
Our Campaigns
Equatorial Guinea and our work for prisoners of conscience
Jan 25 2013 4:33PM
The Minehead AI Group is 10 years old!
On 3 December 2002, the launch meeting for the new Minehead Amnesty International local group was held.
Jan 23 2013 3:36PM
Tree planting to celebrate 10 years of the Minehead Group
On 4 December 2012, members of the Minehead AI group gathered in the Parks Walk, Minehead.
Jan 23 2013 3:13PM
Amnesty Tree at the Minehead Christmas Tree Festival
Each year, our group puts up an 'Amnesty Tree' at the annual Christmas Tree Festival in the Methodist Church in Minehead.