2014 (22)
Nov 11 2015 1:29PM
Write for Rights Day
Brighton and Hove Amnesty International’s Annual Write for Rights Day
Nov 29 2014 1:14PM
The EU torture trade: sale must end now
Let's help close the EU trade loopholes that allow the sale of weapons of torture:
Nov 29 2014 1:10PM
December newsletter
Our December newsletter is available to download.
Nov 29 2014 1:02PM
50th anniversary celebrations
On Saturday 16th November volunteers from the Brighton and Hove Amnesty gro
Nov 9 2014 5:15PM
November newsletter
This month's newsletter has a preview of our Write for Rights day on 6 December, an article about the Mansoura women (our group's new prisoners of conscience) and a review of the recent Sto
Oct 11 2014 11:17AM
STOP TORTURE: Embassy Crawl 2014
Wandsworth Amnesty group is organising an Embassy Crawl in London on 25 October, targeting countries known to perpetrate torture.
Oct 1 2014 6:32PM
October newsletter
This month's newsletter has news of our group's upcoming 50th anniversary and an excellent summary of the work of the Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group.
Sep 12 2014 7:42PM
September newsletter
September's newsletter is available to download, with updates on our annual street collection, the new Stop Torture campaign and Afghan Women's Rights.
Aug 11 2014 6:42PM
August newsletter
August's newsletter has a report on our Pride stall, the launch of the Stop Torture campaign and an article about Roya Saberi Nejad Nobakht, a prisoner of conscience in Iran.