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Gaza: Operation 'Cast Lead'

‘You’ve seen your children murdered in front of you, and the criminal walks free’
Marwan Ghala, Gaza

‘They’re not small parachutal chocolates that Santa Claus drops for Christmas. It’s real bombs that kill people’
Massoud Perets, Sderot, Southern Israel

On 27 December 2008 Israel launched a major military offensive – nicknamed Operation ‘Cast Lead’ – in Gaza. It prevented the media and aid agencies from entering the area.

In the following three weeks, the Israeli military killed at least 1,383 Palestinians, including 333 children. Palestinian armed groups killed thirteen Israelis, including three civilians, in rocket attacks on Southern Israel.

Four years on, still no justice

This January marked the fourth anniversary of the end of the conflict. Despite a UN Fact Finding Mission Report (The Goldstone report) documenting war crimes and other serious human rights violations committed by both sides in the 22-day conflict, the victims have yet to receive justice or reparations.

The Israeli authorities, as well as the international community, have failed to conduct independent investigations into alleged war crimes by Israeli forces.

In 2011 the UN Human Rights Council called for the issue of accountability to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

We will not stop working on this issue until all victims of the conflict get the justice they deserve, and those found responsible for grave violations are held to account.

We continue to call on the United Nations Security Council to take concrete measures to ensure an international justice solution for the victims.