Elections for the LGBTI Network Committee 2018-2020

Our LGBTI Network Committee is expanding. It will now be made up of eight elected members, who each serve voluntarily for two consecutive years.

This year seven seats are vacant and an election will be held to fill them on 9 December 2017 at the Thematic Networks Conference.

Conditions for nominees

Nominations are required to fill seven seats. Candidates must be an individual member and a member of the LGBTI Network at the time of the nomination. 

Become a member of Amnesty UK

How to stand for election

Members wishing to stand for election should apply online or submit a completed nomination form and an application form to michael.quinn@amnesty.org.uk

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 1 December 2017. 

The network committees are responsible for leading much of Amnesty UK's work in their areas, and manage many of our relationships with other individuals and organisations. This is a responsible post that we estimate will take between 5 and 8 hours a week (though this will be more sometimes and less at others). 

Roles and responsibilities

  • To be committed to the mission and aims of Amnesty International UK section (AIUK) or global movement where applicable, and to promoting and defending the human rights of LGBTI people.
  • To be an active member of the LGBTI Network committee and to attend all committee meetings (minimum of 4 meetings a year) and AIUK’s AGM, wherever possible.
  • To seek to engage more activists and supporters of Amnesty in promoting and defending human rights of LGBTI people and others and, where relevant, to develop their abilities in a variety of ways.
  • To work collaboratively with other committee members and AIUK staff to deliver campaigns, communications and events to promote Human Rights for LGBTI people, leading on one or more areas of this work as appropriate.
  • To contribute to the development of the LGBTI Network’s annual plans and objectives and to the establishment of measurable targets.
  • To comply with AIUK activist code of conduct.
  • To comply with AIUK codes of practice wherever possible, unless otherwise stated.
LGBTI Network Committee application form 2017.doc
LGBTI Committee Nomination papers 2017.doc
LGBTI Network Terms of Reference v1.2.pdf