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Campaign lowdown: Stop Torture

All over the world people just like you are being tortured right now. Imagine being beaten, electrocuted, having your face cut, having your fingernails pulled out.

We are in the grip of a global crisis and we need your help to stop torture and make two-faced governments own up to their responsibilities.

One woman's story

On 3 October 2013 police in the Philippines accused 32-year-old mother of two, Alfreda Disbarro, of being a drug dealer.

She told us how, once police officers had got her inside their headquarters they pinned her to a wall, repeatedly punched her in her face and stomach, hit her with a club, poked their fingers into her eyes, slapped her, forced a mop into her mouth and banged her head against a wall. Then they beat her with a wooden stick and a metal bar.
Find out more about Alfreda

He put a bottle on top of my head and aimed his gun at it. I was so afraid I would get shot. I just closed my eyes in fear'
Alfreda Disbarro

Global crisis

Alfreda is not alone. Since 2009 we have had reports of torture in 141 countries. In the last year alone we have documented the use of 27 different torture methods with survivors telling us about having pins pushed under their fingernails, being burnt with cigarettes and even being stabbed in custody.

A new global poll, specially commissioned by us, has revealed that 44% of people around the world fear being tortured in their own country.

In the UK almost one in three people surveyed think that torture  could be justified. Torture is barbaric, inhuman and never justified.

That is why we need people like you to join our campaign to stop torture

Stop Torture campaign

We have been fighting torture for over 50 years and campaigned hard for the creation of the UN Convention against Torture 30 years ago. Watch this video to find out more

Torturers are now international outlaws and 158 countries have signed up to the UN Convention. But many governments are betraying their responsibilities.

Torture is not a thing of the past. It is not even just alive and well. It is flourishing. Download the briefing (PDF) to find out more about the use of torture around the world.

Torture happens behind closed doors. It happens when there are no lawyers or doctors present, when police and others with power to wield do not fear the consequences of their actions. But by ensuring such safeguards are in place, you can stop torture.

We need you to support our Stop Torture campaign to ensure that no one has to suffer at the hands of a torturer.

Real lives

We are focusing on five torture offenders; Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines and Uzbekistan, and within these countries five individuals who have survived torture. In each of these countries torture is a major concern, but we believe global pressure can bring about change.

Find out about all the individuals that are part of our Stop Torture campaign:

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