Apr 14 2016 12:02AM
Time to #BringBack the attention to the Chibok girls
Imagine you’ve been taken. You hear that millions of people know you’ve been kidnapped. The wife of the President of the United States has demanded your return. World leaders are meeting to talk about your abduction and how to get you...
Mar 18 2016 10:13AM
Human Rights News Bites - week of 10th March
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Mar 15 2016 2:57PM
How winning the Amnesty Student Media Award helped shape my journalism career
Every journalist has their own story of how they got started, and each one is different. Some are more conventional, others are tales of persistence, talent or good timing. For me, it all began with the Amnesty International Student Me...
Mar 15 2016 12:41PM
Mocking justice: Israel’s jailing of Palestinian circus trainer Mohammad Abu Sakha
Yesterday’s lively “Justice for clowns” demo near the Israeli Embassy in London banged the drum for jailed Palestinian circus trainer Mohammad Abu Sakha who’s been held by Israel without charge or trial for three months. As with around...
Feb 26 2016 6:19PM
Mr Cameron's brilliant things
David Cameron was in Preston yesterday, praising the arms company BAE Systems for making “brilliant things”. Impeccably booted and suited (take note all wannabe PMs), Mr Cameron said: “I can see the planes being built right behind me h...
Feb 26 2016 11:09AM
Human Rights news bites - week of 18th February
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Feb 19 2016 10:58AM
Human Rights news of the week 11th February
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Feb 17 2016 1:17PM
Never mind the ‘thaw’, are human rights still in the deep freeze in Iran?
Jailed UK businessman Kamal Foroughi is a rare case of someone in Iran who may benefit from a diplomatic 'thaw'. Credit: Private “It’s going to be chilly this weekend”. “Lovely weather if you’re planning a barbecue”. “What can we expec...
Feb 12 2016 12:36PM
Human rights news of the week - 4th February
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Jan 29 2016 10:16PM
Human rights crisis in Dunkirk as refugees face squalor and chaos
A row of featureless, modern, two-storey houses lines one side of the Boulevard Pierre Mendes France on the outskirts of Dunkirk, with cars parked in driveways and American-style letter boxes standing to attention on front lawns. A man...
Jan 26 2016 12:27PM
Arming Saudi Arabia: Philip Hammond at the controls
Repeat after me: “We have some of the most stringent export controls anywhere in the world.” Got that? Sure? Let’s be safe, though, and check again. So listen carefully, it goes like this: “We have some of the most stringent export con...
Jan 14 2016 5:16PM
Human rights news of the week - 14 January
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Jan 8 2016 2:59PM
Ever fallen in love (with a record sleeve you shouldn't've)
There’s a twee-indie song called Wouldn’t Trade My Records For You by a band called Cheap Clone that … I rather like. Fey vocals, jangly lightweight guitar and snappy drums, a super-sprightly 1.28mins duration, it’s pure twee pop . And...
Jan 7 2016 12:39PM
Human rights news of the week - 7 January
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Jan 1 2016 11:58AM
Human rights news of the week - 1 January
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Dec 10 2015 12:44PM
Syria in 2015: another year of agony
We're reaching the end of 2015 with no end in sight over Syria. The carnage and agony continue. So do the detentions, the torture, the deaths in custody, the "disappearances" and state gangsterism . The Syrian government's barrel bombi...
Nov 27 2015 12:39PM
Distant voices: the Amnesty media awards for human rights journalism
Writing in 1992, two years after the death in Iraq of The Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft, the writer and fellow journalist John Pilger paid tribute to a reporter "who died pursuing his craft with the kind of independence and courage...
Nov 26 2015 8:00AM
Raising a glass to press freedom
A TV journalist is shot dead in Pakistan, a photographer tortured in Egypt, a radio station raided in Sierra Leone, a fixer jailed in Turkey, reporters murdered in Brazil, and bloggers hacked to death in Bangladesh. In the wake of the...
Nov 15 2015 9:43PM
You talkin’ to me? - Panahi’s Taxi Tehran asks a few questions about life in Iran
I've commented before on the way that the Iranian political establishment often displays a dim-witted philistinism in its attitude to the country's film-makers, and in the case of Jafar Panahi this has long since curdled into official...
Nov 4 2015 6:42PM
The Syrian government is now a vampire state feeding off its own people
The whirl and churn of the news cycle means that even cataclysmic events like the ever-widening war in Syria usually make only fleeting appearances. Amazing, really, that a human catastrophe of this magnitude - a quarter of a million d...