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Coming soon, to a screen near you

Watch all about it! Tis the eve of Amnesty TV Episode One- the one where it all began- and the hysterical tension is mounting across the UK.

Amnesty TV will be a fortnightly, 15-minute, online, magazine-style show that will blend satirical comedy with documentaries and news about human rights campaigns around the globe. It is unprecedented territory, which is just where Amnesty has always felt most at home.

Twitterers and bloggers are chomping at the bit to get their first fix. The Times and the Guardian have hailed the innovation in feature articles, brand magazines and websites have been giving the format the once over and a Time Out journalist said to us I knew I would have to watch it to review it, but I didnt know if would be so f***ing brilliant 

The scene is set, but we havent yet given the braying pack what it is after. Not until tomorrow, when we launch the first of the fortnightly 15 minute programmes, which tackle the human rights stories of the day, using big names, mischief and satire. This week, there will be some recreations of the horrendously violent techniques sactioned for security guards to use in removals, a message from Aung San Suu Kyi, a segment on freedom of information from Wikepedia founder Jimmy Wales, and an attempt to persuade the ambassadors from countries such as Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea to sign our 50th birthday card. What larks.  

Heres a little teaser to be going on with, but go to this address: tomorrow, to get your first dose. Salivating already. 

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