2011 (245)
Dec 23 2011 11:08AM
2011? "It had its moments"
What can you say about a year in which the Middle East and North Africa rose up, one in which famine ravaged parts of Africa, while floods, tsunamis and earthquakes swept through Asia? You can say it was quite a year.
Dec 22 2011 11:36AM
Coming attractions: emptying Guantánamo
In our 4th 2011 roundup, Niluccio looks at the "war on terror" and Guantánamo.
Dec 21 2011 2:30PM
A year of shocking police tactics
Policing in the UK has certainly received some bad press this year and has given Amnesty some real cause for concern.
Dec 19 2011 3:34PM
Arab Spring status update: ongoing
Amnesty's Niluccio reflects on the big human rights moments of 2011, starting with the Arab Spring.
Dec 16 2011 10:57AM
What were the big human rights stories of 2011?
It's that time of year again. Yep – the season of end-of-year round-ups. Best albums (Kate Bush’s recent CD will dominate I predict), best films, books, TV shows. Most significant political figures. Who died. What happened. And on and...
Dec 15 2011 2:12PM
Shooting up: Iran’s mass executions for drugs offences
I hope (naturally) that I never to go to prison (at least not involuntarily), but if I ever get banged up, I sincerely hope it isn’t in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, a city in north-west Iran. Like a lot of prisons around the world (inc...
Dec 14 2011 5:26PM
Stop racism, not people
People being stopped by police because of the way they look; other members of the public seeing those people being stopped and questioned and then associating them with crime and criminality – thus an escalating cycle of prejudice and...
Dec 13 2011 6:55PM
Nepalese migrant workers: so much for the promised land
For just three times the average annual salary, you too could get a one-way ticket to Malaysia or the Gulf where you will work non-stop, with no rest days, for a measly salary (if you get one at all) without a contract, yet without the...
Dec 12 2011 4:12PM
‘How’s the tea, King Hamad? Care for a BICI?’
Who’d be the Prime Minister, eh? You’ve got Eurosceptics baying for Euro blood, coalition partners saying how bitterly disappointed they are, junior MPs attending parties where it’s the height of amusement to dress in a Nazi uniform an...
Dec 9 2011 5:33PM
‘Twas the night before Human Rights Day...
...and all across the country people were writing letters for our Write For Rights campaign. Or writing about us writing letters in local newspapers . We have had a huge haul of those over the last few weeks, including a load of letter...
Dec 8 2011 3:19PM
Never mind the Slavic Spring label. This is Russia’s own protest
“Hundreds arrested as rattled Putin tries to crush ‘Slavic Spring’”, said a headline in yesterday’s Times. Hmm. Headliner-writers can’t resist alliteration and a nice hand-me-down phrase, can they? The Times article reckons that some o...
Dec 7 2011 6:16PM
"Hello? You know our anti-homosexual policies? I’ve got some bad news…"
Hillary Clinton’s speech about gay rights today contained a great line.She told an audience of diplomats that ‘ gay rights are human rights ’, and hinted that US policy towards certain countries could be influenced by their record on h...
Dec 6 2011 5:51PM
Lethal injustice in Asia
Unfair trials and the use of torture to force people to confess, when combined with the most irreversible of punishments, execution, makes for a perfect storm of injustice. Together with our partner organisations in the Anti-Death Pena...
Dec 6 2011 1:58PM
Bonn II: any reason to be cheerful?
Today’s conference on the future of Afghanistan being held in Bonn, Germany, seems to be filling almost nobody with much enthusiasm or hope. It’s ten years since the first big international post-Taleban conference, also in Bonn, and th...
Dec 2 2011 6:40PM
Q: What were you up to 27 years ago?
Q: What were you up to 27 years ago? A: ‘No good’ is the answer in the case of Union Carbide Corporation (UCC). UCC is the company that held a majority share in the Indian subsidiary that owned and operated a plant and was responsible...
Dec 1 2011 3:57PM
Saudi Arabia: just the country for Jeremy Clarkson?
Unison’s Assistant Secretary General Karen Jennings has responded to Jeremy Clarkson’s idiotic remarks about “executing” striking public sector workers “in front of their families” by saying that this is “almost like Gaddafi”. I get th...
Nov 30 2011 12:32PM
Bring me your huddled masses (except your children)
Here’s a pub quiz question for you. There are two countries in the world that have failed to ratify the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child. One of them is Somalia. Which is the other? I’ll have to hurry you … No? Tak...
Nov 29 2011 7:01PM
There's no place for Roma in Milan
I have just got back from Italy. I had a lovely time there, it was beautiful, delicious and hot. Most of all, it was welcoming. I was allowed to reside where I wished (a nice hotel near the Spanish steps). Turns out this welcome is not...
Nov 25 2011 2:03PM
Shocking justice is not the solution
Less than 48 hours ago I posted a blog saying why I didn’t think it was a good idea for Tasers to be made more widely available to officers. It’s incredible then that less than a day later we hear of a man on a London train being shot...
Nov 24 2011 5:45PM
Memo from Afghan government to the Taleban: 'We need to talk about women's rights'
OK, apologies first off, for yet another poor attempt to pun on the title of a popular film*. But talks with the Taleban are reportedly back on , so I couldn't resist the cheesy opening. The Afghan government's ill-starred efforts to n...