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Happy 1st Birthday Amnesty India

One year ago the doors to Amnesty’s office in India opened for the first time. The team hit the ground running, and 12 months on it’s really exciting to see the impact they are having working with and mobilising ordinary people like you and me across the country.

65,000  people across India have added their voices to Amnesty’s call to abolish the death penalty in the country, with high profile media coverage in The Times of India and The Hindu.

The India office’s flagship campaign for Justice in Sri Lanka has already mobilised 2 million people – all outraged by the Sri Lankan Government’s continued failure to effectively investigate alleged war crimes during the armed conflict in the country which ended four years ago.

Our campaign to stop police abuse in the regions of Jammu and Kashmir has helped release minors, like Danish Farooq who you can hear from in this video, from unlawful detention.

And their brilliant education team is working with schools and teachers to bring human rights education into classrooms across India.

“My school is in a slum area. So there are many parents who are uneducated. They don’t know about human rights. If we give some knowledge about human rights, so it gives some meaning to them.”
Mohsina, Al-Azhar School

Quite a year, I hope you’d agree. Please join me in celebrating Amnesty India’s first year as part of the global Amnesty family. Leave them a message in the comments below and we’ll make sure they get them.

For more about the state of human rights in India read our annual report

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Happy first birthday AI India!
So impressed by your marvellous achievements in the last 12 months. Onwards and upwards, making the world a better place.

Ruth B 10 years ago

I am indeed very happy and delighted over one year performance of Amnesty International in my neighbor country India..IN south Asian countries states of human rights very alarming....So in these circumstance ,INdian Amnesty performance is new hope against violation and abuses in region..In my country ,Pakistan i am associated with Previous amnesty since 1997....I know well what happened with amnesty in Pakistan... I wish to restart amnesty in Pakistan also...Congratulation to all Indian Amnesty team and UK head office for taken timely decision to establish amnesty in India..I love amnesty and its chartered......Munawar Ali Shahid...
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Munawar Shahid 10 years ago

i am indeed very happy to India 1st birthday amnesty international i hope this year no violation against women in India and good days for activist and human rights in India

scosudan 10 years ago