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Sri Lanka (117)
Oct 18 2021 12:01am
Sri Lanka: Alarming rise in state-sanctioned violence and discrimination against Muslims - new report
Sri Lanka’s Muslim community has suffered consistent discrimination, h...
Feb 26 2021 2:32pm
Sri Lanka: End of forced cremations for coronavirus victims restores dignity for Muslim burials
Responding to the Sri Lankan authorities’ decision to end the practice...
Feb 18 2021 10:00am
Sri Lanka: Government obstructing justice for historic crimes – new report
The Sri Lankan Government has launched a renewed crackdown that is obs...
Jan 27 2021 9:08pm
Sri Lanka: UK must spearhead international push for justice following damning UN report
The UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) must take urgent steps to address ...
Apr 3 2020 12:49pm
Sri Lanka: Muslim COVID-19 victims cremated against families' wishes
Concern that religious tensions could be inflamed if Muslim families n...
Dec 17 2019 12:34pm
Outcome: Family seeking asylum returns home voluntarily
A Pakistani Catholic family, who arrived in Colombo, the capital of Sr...
Nov 13 2019 12:09pm
Sri Lanka: Human rights must be 'at the heart' of the next presidency
Ahead of Sri Lanka’s presidential election this weekend, Amnesty Inter...
Oct 31 2019 6:01pm
Sri Lanka: Six months on, still no accountability for attacks on refugees - new report
There has still been no police investigations into the threats and vio...
Aug 15 2019 3:10pm
Urgent Action good news: Supreme court suspends all execution warrants
The Sri Lankan Supreme Court, while hearing the petitions to halt exec...
Aug 8 2019 4:04pm
Urgent Action: Writer faces up to 10 years jail for story
Shakthika Sathkumara, an award-winning Sri Lankan writer, was arrested...