India (161)
Jan 28 2019 11:49am
Urgent Action: Administrative detention for Facebook posts
Kishorchandra Wangkhem, a journalist based in Manipur, India, was arre...
Jan 11 2019 12:17pm
India: 'Politically-motivated' sedition case against Amnesty closed by court
A court order directing the closing of a sedition case filed against A...
Nov 29 2018 1:36pm
UK: Protest outside Indian High Commission after crackdown on Amnesty India
Amnesty International activists will protest at the Indian High Commis...
Nov 20 2018 11:05am
Urgent Action: NGOs in India at risk of shut down
Amnesty India and Greenpeace India have been targeted by the Governmen...
Oct 29 2018 3:54pm
Protect Amnesty India
Oct 26 2018 11:38am
Amnesty India latest target of government crackdown
Amnesty India has been targeted as part of Prime Minister Narendra Mod...
Oct 4 2018 2:37pm
India: Expulsion of seven Rohingya men to Myanmar 'a dark day for human rights'
Seven Rohingya men were forcibly returned to Myanmar by the Indian gov...
Sep 18 2018 2:18pm
Urgent Action good news: Dalit rights activist released in India
Chandrashekhar Azad ‘Ravan’, a prominent Dalit rights activist, has be...
Sep 6 2018 12:46pm
India: Supreme Court's decriminalising of gay sex represents 'new era of equality'
Ruling is culmination of decades of struggle against notorious Sec...