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Bite Size Activities

Discover bite size ideas for fun and creative ways to learn about human rights.


Bird Bunting

Make bird bunting to celebrate our human right to freedom.

Human Rights Detective

Be a human rights detective to find out more about our rights.

Feeling Faces

Make faces to show different feelings.

Feelings Bean Bag

Make bean bags to show different feelings.

Here We Are

Bring together pictures of your important people to celebrate your friends and family.

Discovering a New Planet

Write human rights laws for a new planet.

Colour Your Freedoms

Colour the freedoms that belong to all of us.

Story Explorer

Use your paper folding skills to make a story explorer.

Helping Hands

Make a helping hands mural to show what you can do.


Celebrate our right to equality by rewriting a story.

A Flutter of Stories

Make a flutter of stories to celebrate freedom of expression.

People Tree

Celebrate our right to family and friends by making a People Tree.

Map and Guidebook

Create a guidebook to celebrate your local area.

Solidarity Message

Write messages to show solidarity with the people in your home.

Secret Messages

Celebrate our right to privacy by sending secret messages.

Self Portrait

Celebrate what makes you unique with a self-portrait.


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