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Feelings Bean Bag - Bite Size Activity

Make bean bags to show different feelings
Make bean bags to show different feelings

​We all have the right to have our own thoughts and ideas and to share them​

Make bean bags to show different feelings.

Each week we will share more bite size ideas for fun and creative ways to learn about human rights.

You’ll need​

Balloons, uncooked rice, funnel, feelings resource sheet​

​What to do​

Insert funnel into the top of the balloon, pour in rice. When the balloons are full, draw faces on them using a permanent marker pen to represent the emotions of happy, sad, angry, surprised.​

Sitting or standing, pass or roll the balloons to each other. When you receive it, you should name the feeling on the balloon and make the face. ​

What’s another word to express that feeling? How do you feel when you see someone making a feeling face? What​ would you do if someone is feeling sad? ​

​Share your bean bags with us by emailing a picture to or using the hashtag #bitesizeHRE.

Amnesty’s education work is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Feelings resource sheet
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