Jul 12 2012 5:26PM
Arms Trade Treaty - the gender dimension
‘[T]hey took me and five other women into a room. It was in the morning. There were three of them. They told us to undress. I refused. One of them hit me with his knife. I told him it was not human. He said: ‘We will see about that’. H...
Jul 7 2012 1:00AM
Arms Trade Treaty: First week round-up
Cesar Marin from Amnesty Venezuela offers our round up from the first week of Arms Trade Treaty negotiations in New York. Keep up-to-date on facebook
Jul 2 2012 1:00AM
Demanding tighter control on arms sales - what you've been up to
As negotiations begin in New York and world leaders meet to thrash out the first ever international treaty to control the arms trade, we thought it'd be nice to recap on all the amazing work you've been doing across the country. You ha...
Jul 1 2012 5:13PM
Do some good
Thanks for taking part in our quiz about torture. Looking for the answers? You've come to the right place. Let's see how you scored. Q: Are you aware that people around the world are tortured for voicing their opinions, using the web o...
Jun 7 2012 10:49AM
Children jailed in Syria for their father's alleged crimes
This action is now closed. Thank you to the thousands of you who responded. Last month, eight-year-old Osama Hamada was arrested in Syria. He was taken from his home during a raid by security forces, along with his ten-year-old brother...
Apr 16 2012 3:46PM
Most inspiring weekend ever!
This weekend the digital team were at Amnesty's AGM. Whether you were there and want to relive it, or missed out and want to catch up, this is the post for you. [ View the story "Amnesty UK AGM 2012" on Storify ]Amnesty UK AGM 2012 Amn...