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BBC refuses to broadcast charity appeal for Gaza

The BBC insists that it will not broadcast an appeal from the Disasters Emergency Committee or DEC (a group of major charities) for the people of Gaza.  Most other main broadcasters are to air the appeal although Sky is taking the same line as the BBC.   

I am with the Archbishops of York and Canterbury on this one and with the thousands of people who have already protested to the BBC.  I am amazed that the BBC can refuse to assist in asking for funds for people in Gaza; the severity of their plight is obvious to anyone who follows the news on the BBC or elsewhere.  This is a humanitarian appeal by respected charities. 

Thanks for the comment, Andy.  I missed that attempt by the BBC Director-General to justify the decision.

Many MPs disagree with the BBC and Sky refusing to show the Gaza Crisis Appeal.  By 25 Feb. 2009 the number of MPs signing the Early Day Motion, EDM 585, had passed 200 and the amount raised by the DEC Gaza Appeal was over £5 million.

I thought that DEC appeals were always put out by the BBC and I read that this refusal is unprecedented in the 40 plus years of the DEC.

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