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January 2009 (5)
Jan 27 2009 1:04PM
BBC Newsnight looks at international justice

This week on Newsnight on BBC 2 there are features on international justice. Last night's programme included an interview about the International Criminal Court in the Hague. See the Amnesty media team's blog on Lubanga being brought...

Jan 26 2009 2:08PM
BBC refuses to broadcast charity appeal for Gaza

The BBC insists that it will not broadcast an appeal from the Disasters Emergency Committee or DEC (a group of major charities) for the people of Gaza. Most other main broadcasters are to air the appeal although Sky is taking the same...

Jan 23 2009 12:42PM
Change from Obama but let us keep up the pressure

At last! Barack Obama is now the president of the United States after that long wait from winning the election. Much hope is pinned on him. The inauguration speech showed some of the fresh thinking that he offers. (Did he really do...

Jan 15 2009 3:56PM
Radio Investigation: The UN's Human Rights Council

This evening at 8 pm there is a programme on BBC Radio 4 in the series, Investigation . It looks at the Human Rights Council of the United Nations. Does the Council protect human rights or does it shelter governments that abuse rights?

Jan 2 2009 9:35PM
Unreported World in Nigeria - Child Brides

Tonight's Unreported World on Channel Four, Nigeria: Child Brides, Stolen Lives , showed some of the dreadful consequences of girls marrying and becoming pregnant when too young. Unreported World takes us to places around the world and...