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2013 (5)
Dec 12 2013 8:44AM
Dealing with guns: a creative Mexican idea

What do you do if you have too many guns and if they are fuelling violence? Pedro Reyes, a young Mexican artist, found a creative answer; turn the guns into something useful or beautiful! See the article by Marguerite Ward: From Guns...

Dec 6 2013 4:11PM
School of the Americas

I wrote back in November 2010 about the annual convergence of thousands from around the USA and Latin America at Fort Benning in Georgia, USA. I wrote then that they were converging yet again and that was years back. They gather to...

Dec 4 2013 7:34PM
Don't mention rights and keep trading with China?

David Cameron wants a trading relationship with China not spoiled by arguments about human rights; the Dalai Lama issue has been put behind us according to a spokesperson from Downing Street. Every so often diplomats or ministers can...

Jun 13 2013 3:01PM
Orwell's 1984 (again) and a massacre in 1940

I had a visit to Birmingham and found some Polish culture in Bordesley Street. There was a restaurant so Polish that the waiter spoke Polish until I asked if I might order in English, then next door I saw Polish Millennium House and on...

Jan 22 2013 7:44PM
No: a film about Chile in the time of Pinochet

No, I have to say that I have not seen it yet, this film called No . Have you? Gael García Bernal (who I remember in the Motorcycle Diaries, about a journey by a young Che Guevara) stars as an advertising executive in Pablo Larraín’s...