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2011 (28)
Dec 28 2011 12:05AM
Kuwait: Government Attacks on Workers’ Rights

The ITUC has criticised the latest attack by the government of Kuwait against the rights of its own employees, following a statement by Justice Minister Ahmed Al Mulaifi that strikes are prohibited and that international conventions...

Dec 28 2011 12:00AM
Join the campaign for domestic workers' rights

This summer, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) agreed a convention on the rights of domestic workers – 53 million workers who are often excluded from rights at work. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has now...

Dec 13 2011 12:05AM
Bahraini teacher union leaders languish in jail

On Sunday, the appeal hearings for Jalila al-Salman and Mahdi 'Issa Mahdi Abu Dheeb, the President and Vice President of the Bahraini Teachers Association (BTA) were postponed until 19 February next year, until when they will languish...

Dec 8 2011 7:26AM
Iranian government u-turns on trade unionists' freedom

Iranian trade unionist Ebrahim Madadi was re-arrested today. The Tehran bus workers' union leader had been freed only last Thursday, a move welcomed by the international trade union movement. It is always difficult to explain the...

Nov 29 2011 8:58PM
Jailed Iranian trade unionist Rezaa Shahabi on hunger strike

Reza Shahabi is in an Iranian jail for no other reason than the part he played in the leadership of the Tehran busworkers' union. He has now been in jail since his arrest in June 2010, and his health has not been good. His situation...

Nov 20 2011 9:36AM
Fiji's junta condemned over rights by ILO

The UN'sInternational Labour Organisation (ILO) this week issued a strong condemnation of Fiji'smilitary Junta over severe violations of labour rights (see pages 809-847). The ILO's Committee on Freedom of Associationdescribed the...

Nov 19 2011 6:26PM
Health fears for jailed Iranian trade unionist

The Tehran bus drivers’ union the Vahed Syndicate, of whichimprisoned Iranian trade unionist Reza Shahabi is a board member, has raisedconcerns about his state of health. According to the union he has been returned to prison after...

Nov 8 2011 10:13PM
Protest to Fijian authorities about treason charges against trade unionists

The global trade union movement has launched an electronic action aimed at the military dictatorship in Fiji, who have arrested the leaders of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, one of them already charged with plotting to overthrow the...

Nov 5 2011 10:35PM
Fiji: second union leader arrested without charge

After the arrest last weekend of Fiji Trades Union Congress (FTUC) President Daniel Urai on his return from CHOGM in Western Australia, this weekend saw the release of FTUC General Secretary Felix Anthony. Twelve police officers are...

Nov 1 2011 4:53AM
Swaziland: police stop people praying for democracy

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting decision at the weekend not to even mention Swaziland looks more ridiculous than ever with the news on Monday (31 October) that the Royal Swazi Police have even stopped workers holding a...

Oct 30 2011 6:55AM
Fiji arrests trade union leader

Fijian trade union President Daniel Urai spent last week in Perth WA at the Commonwealth People's Forum, a civil society gathering ahead of this weekend's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). He was briefing civil society...

Oct 25 2011 4:30AM
Iranian bus workers' union leaders summonsed

The global union for transport workers, ITF, has expressed concerns about summonses to attend court issued to Seyed Davood Razavi, a former treasurer of the Tehran bus drivers’ union, the Vahed Syndicate, and to his fellow Vahed...

Oct 10 2011 9:34AM
Help keep the Egyptian revolution alive

Air-traffic controllers, busdrivers, journalists,academics,and nurses,among thousands of others have been back on the streets of Egypt demanding that the interim military government deliver on the demands of theirrevolution. Help add...

Sep 6 2011 9:37AM
Swaziland: where independence doesn't mean freedom

Today (6 September) is Independence Day in Swaziland, but for the ordinary people, independence has led to neither freedom nor prosperity. The last remaining feudal dictatorship in Africa has created one of the world's poorest country...

Aug 25 2011 11:40PM
Fiji: protest at repression and harassment of trade unions

The TUC has joined a global trade union campaign – bcked by Amnesty International – to protest at the attack on human and trade union rights in Fiji. Please join the protest online or outside the Fijian High Commission in London on...

Jun 13 2011 7:09AM
All around the world: trade union rights violations report

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has released the 2011 Annual Worldwide Survey of Trade Union Rights Violations, and it's a depressing picture. Colombia continued to be the most dangerous place in the world to be a...

Jun 6 2011 7:30AM
Prisoner of conscience Mansour Osanloo freed in Iran

We were overjoyed to hear that Tehran bus workers’ leader Mansour Osanloo was finally freed on Thursday after nearly four years in the notorious Evin jail. Mansour has been the focus of continuous campaigning by unions in Britain and...

May 30 2011 10:53PM
Iraq: relocation, relocation, relocation

Jamal Abdul-Jabbar is the President of the Kirkuk Oil and Gas Workers Union in northern Iraq. Recently, he led his members out on strike for safer working conditions, and more rights for contract workers. Now his employers, the state...

May 24 2011 1:16PM
Somalia: journalists' union harassed by gunmen

Amid all the fuss in Britain about whether journalists can report on footballers' sex lives, a reminder that in some parts of the world, superinjunctions are the last thing reporters worry about. The head office of the National Union...

May 2 2011 1:00PM
The unseen revolution in Iran

Behind the war of words over Iran's Islamist regime – repressing democracy, developing nuclear weapons capability, interfering in local countries from the Lebanon to Iraq and the Gulf – there is a secret revolution going on...