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Protest to Fijian authorities about treason charges against trade unionists

The global trade union movement has launched an electronic action aimed at the military dictatorship in Fiji, who have arrested the leaders of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, one of them already charged with plotting to overthrow the illegal regime.

FTUC President Daniel Urai and General Secretary Felix Anthony have been arrested because they and the trade union movement they lead are holding out against the dictatorship. Other trade unionists and the leaders of the Methodist Church are also under threat.

Daniel has been charged with conspiring to overthrow the regime, a treason charge that carries a maximum sentence of 10-15 years in jail. Felix Anthony, arrested a week later than Daniel, is expected to be charged with the same offence shortly.

On the day that collective bargaining rights were taken away from tens of thousands of Fijian workers under the so-called Essential Industries Decree, global union leaders launched an e-action aimed at the Embassies of Fiji around the world, calling on the regime to drop the charges and release the trade union leaders.

Owen Tudor

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