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January 2016 (3)
Jan 20 2016 4:07PM
Syria 2016: Why the UK government must do more

So, here we are: a new year and a new job. While most people were probably dreading the post-Christmas week back at work, as evidenced by the ‘backtowork’ hashtag on the first Monday back, I was one of the handful of excited and raring...

Jan 18 2016 5:50PM
Danger at every turn: women refugees seeking safety in Europe

It seems as though sexual violence against women and girls is constantly in the news, whether we are reading reports of: girls groomed into sexual exploitation and abuse across towns in the UK ; the violence being meted out against...

Jan 5 2016 10:41AM
Four reasons the UK needs a New Year’s resolution on Saudi Arabia

New Year is often a time for reflection where we look at the year past and think about what challenges we will face for the new one and the changes we will make to meet them. Join the gym, look for a new job, or stop having to write...