September 2013 (3)
Sep 16 2013 1:25PM
Trend-setting feminists, Liberal Democrat activists - who knew?
In yesterday’s Independent Jane Merrick suggested that you can tell a lot about a political party’s state of being by the makeup of its conference attendees and activists : younger and trendier activists hint at growing power, she says...
Sep 6 2013 11:17AM
Will the Lobbying Bill gag legitimate debate by charities?
The past week has seen a flurry of attention on what is being referred to as the ‘Lobbying Bill’. Media reports and a lively Commons debate have highlighted the concerns that charities and NGOs have with this legislation. The ‘Transpar...
Sep 4 2013 6:12PM
UK’s Action Plan on Business and Human Rights – a break with the past?
When two Secretaries of State – Hague and Cable - combine to launch a government plan for UK businesses to respect human rights , it’s safe to assume they consider it a Big Thing. But how much does the government really care what UK co...