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November 2014 (4)
Nov 26 2014 5:04PM
Young, Black, Alive - breaking the silence on Brazil's soaring youth homicide rate

Earlier this week, many people around the world waited with bated breath for a grand jury’s decision in a case where a police officer shot dead an unarmed young black man on the street. While the 9 August shooting of Michael Brown took...

Nov 9 2014 4:27PM
Palestinian homes as targets

Nearly three months have passed since the latest conflict came to an end, but the piles of rubble and empty shells of family homes in Gaza serve as painful reminders of the death and destruction that resulted from Israel’s latest...

Nov 6 2014 10:23PM
Living with Ebola in Freetown: 'It feels like the whole country is in quarantine'

Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in March, life in Sierra Leone has changed beyond recognition. So far, the World Health Organization has confirmed more than 5,200 Ebola cases in Sierra Leone alone and more than 13,700...

Nov 3 2014 4:26PM
Stoking the fire of Iraq's sectarian conflict

Unlike nearby villages recently captured by the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government from the armed group calling itself Islamic State, not a single villager has returned to Barzanke. As I go from house to house, it...